The Best Black Pudding in the World

We recently visited the BBC good food show in Birmingham and one of my missions was to meet the Team from Ramsay of Carluke. Family butchers for over 150 years and purveyors of the country’s finest Black pudding and traditionally cured bacon. Ramsays take great pride in the exceptional quality, flavour and texture of their traditional meat products.

Andrew Ramsey said: “We use only Farm Assured, outdoor bred pigs to produce Traditional Ayrshire Bacon, Black Pudding, Sausages, Free Range Pork and Cooked Hams, as well as some of the tastiest Haggis in the world. We also supply succulent pork and matured Scottish grass-fed beef, including farm assured Aberdeen Angus.

Only the finest ingredients to grace anyone’s pantry freshly packed for overnight delivery. So I had to buy a couple of full black puddings, the texture was amazing and the flavour was truly the best I have ever had! Ramsey have a website that provide overnight delivery to anywhere in the UK and I can’t wait to try their other products!

Here is a great little Black Pudding recipe, perfect for brunch or an easy starter.


1. Bring a pan of water to the boil and add a pinch of salt and a splash of vinegar. Heat a medium-sized frying pan to high and add a little olive oil. Pull the skin off your black pudding and crumble it into the pan. When it starts to crisp, pop your bread in the toaster. When the pudding looks and tastes done, spoon it onto kitchen paper to drain on the worktop while you poach your eggs.

2. Stir the boiling water to create a motion that will help the egg white wrap around neatly. Crack in the eggs (you might want to do 3 in case you break one). They will cook in a few minutes, depending on how you like them.

3. Butter your toast and smear it with a thin layer of Marmite. Cut each slice into soldiers. Serve a poached egg next to the toast, sprinkle over the black pudding and you’re away!

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