We love browsing through the stone yard looking for new and interesting pieces to excite our customers.

The choice of worktop is the finishing touch to any kitchen design, it’s the point of contact for cooking, entertaining with friends, and working from home.  It needs to be durable and low maintenance but most of all, it needs to be beautiful!

The Finishing Touch

We will help you choose from the many different styles, colours, materials and textures available. Perhaps you will select a beautiful and totally unique piece of natural stone or opt for a more contemporary and uniform appearance from the wonderful range of man-made materials. Whatever your style, we will carefully consider the properties of each with you, to ensure your choice matches the way you live.

Each of our worktops are made to order and cut by our craftsmen to our exact specification to ensure a perfect fit.  We create bespoke shapes to fit the exact contours of your kitchen design and finish with up-stands and sometimes splash-backs to match.

It’s all in the Detail.

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