The kitchen Island offers a lot more than just a functional area to prepare dinner.

Depending on your kitchen space, our islands can be designed in many interesting and elegant shapes and sizes. For functionality, they can include a hob, prep-sink, integrated ovens, a wine fridge, recycling units, dishwashers, breakfast bar or a more formal seating area.

The Sociable Island

A key part of any kitchen design, the Island can incorporate all or none of the above and each one is tailored to your lifestyle and requirements. Do you long for a sociable area where you can cook and enjoy family meals or an expansive entertaining space with every technological luxury? Perhaps you want your island to double up as both or perhaps you just wish for the simple elegance of an open cooks table.

How you plan to use your kitchen island is exactly how we will design it, listening carefully to your requirements to create a beautiful and functional space for the whole family to enjoy, and most importantly to provide a perfect place for guests or family to perch and not get under your feet while cooking and entertaining.

How will you use yours?

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