We revel in the functionality and elegance of our small room interiors and the meticulous attention to detail in our designs. A walk-in kitchen Pantry is a fabulous luxury, but if space is an issue our double Larder cupboards are just as envy inducing.

A walk-in Pantry will take care of all your grocery storage needs and allow you to purchase in bulk. They can provide somewhere to store smaller cooking appliances, perhaps even an overflow fridge, prep sink and a dishwasher. Sturdy open shelving allows you to see where everything is at a glance and we often incorporate large drawers, vegetable baskets and wine storage.

The Ultimate Grocery Space

Our bespoke solutions incorporate storage for all of your food shopping, entertaining and lifestyle needs in one beautiful and functional space.

Larder cupboards can be fitted or freestanding, they are surprisingly spacious and bring together all your dry goods behind single or double doors.

Each design is bespoke and tailored to your shopping habits. So you can choose to integrate smaller appliances, include drawers or vegetable baskets, spice racks, a worktop or even a mirror backed bar area.

Food storage has never been so beautiful.

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