Kin Knives – Kitchen Samurai

A recent discovery of ours is Kin Knives, beautifully hand made Kitchen knives, imported from Japan. The knives are exclusively designed and made for Kin who feature a generous range for use in all aspects of food preparation in the kitchen. including blade care, chopping boards and maintenance.

Company Director Harriet Murland, kindly demonstrated the simple but essential ritual of keeping a kin blade sharp. We were amazed at their precision and sharpness, cutting wafer thin see-through slices of vegetables with ease. Each knife is unique and so beautiful due to the laminated blades that have a wonderful marbling to the steel.

Our particular favourite is the Tanaka Santoku, a perfect all round prep knife, beautifully presented in a gift box. It would make the perfect gift for any budding Gordon Ramsay (who by the way, has a signature range), or any number of celebrity chefs who choose to use Kin Knives. After all, if it’s good enough for Gordon, it’s good enough for us.