North Downs

BUDGET: £75,000

Set in a charming farmhouse, we helped our clients redesign their kitchen, pantry, boot room, laundry, snug and bedroom, bringing timeless character to every space. The focal point of this kitchen is the beautiful Aga, surrounded by a custom-built chimney, which, despite the challenges posed by two small windows and the oak beams and columns, effectively brings balance and grandeur to the room, adding real warmth and charm. Adjoining the main kitchen is a relaxed snug area where the family can gather. To conceal and organize all the AV equipment, we designed a dresser to complement the kitchen cabinetry. Finished in the same Paint & Paper Slate V as the kitchen mantel and larder, it also features elegant bronze hardware.

THE Kitchen

Painted in Farrow & Ball’s Vardo, a spacious island lifts the room while establishing a sense of harmony with the chimney breast. The kitchen worktops feature a mix of Leathered Honed Nero Assoluto granite, chosen to complement the enamelled black top of the Aga and add a tactile element to the space. For the island, sideboard, and dresser pieces, we opted for Caesarstone Noble Grey Quartz to maintain a lighter aesthetic. The existing Aga was refurbished and recoloured to align with the new scheme. 


We replaced a small, dark, and dingy walk-in larder with a generous larder cupboard, freeing up space for a larger Fisher & Paykel fridge, ideal for a family with growing boys. The classic bi-folding dresser ensemble in Zoffany Serpentine features a vibrant crimson interior, providing a perfect hideaway for the coffee machine, toaster, and built-in microwave. The island includes an informal dining space with seating for four comfortable stools and a conveniently placed wine cooler within reach of the dining table. The sideboard, with its stone top, is perfect for offloading platters or setting up drinks for large gatherings. The island also boasts a chunky Perin & Rowe Armstrong bridge tap, a favourite for its robust quality and effortlessly stylish charm 

Bedroom DETAIL

In the bedroom, the wardrobes and nook are painted in Paint & Paper Barbican, with a panel behind the headboard in Paint & Paper Plumb Brandy. The bedroom exudes a cool and calm atmosphere, with wardrobes and built-in cabinets designed around the intricate oak framework. The headboard features slim book storage, reading lights, and floating shelves for a morning cup of tea. The plumb-coloured rear panel creates a welcoming first impression, achieving a balance of classic refinement and relaxed comfort. 

LAUNDRY & boot room DETAIL

Coordinating with the vibrant teal hue of the kitchen island, provided by Farrow & Ball’s Vardo, the boot room serves as a fresh and welcoming informal entrance to the home, offering ample storage for coats, shoes, and wellies. The bench includes drawers for hats, scarves, and gloves. Also bringing a cohesive feel to the property, the laundry room, painted in Paint & Paper’s Slate V, is designed to be fresh and practical, with neatly arranged and exposed appliances centred around the farmhouse sink under the window. There is also a linen storage cupboard just out of view.