Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

A Comprehensive Guide to Luxury Kitchen Cabinets and How You Can Find the Perfect Ones for Your Home

When planning a new kitchen, there are lots of different elements to think about. Budget is obviously a part of the process but possibly more important is how you want the finished design to look.

In this piece we look closely at what makes a kitchen luxurious, and the key considerations when selecting the perfect design for your home. To begin with we look at the most frequently asked questions we receive, as designers of luxury kitchen cabinets.

Luxury kitchens are often defined as bespoke. In reality very few companies are truly bespoke, but the beauty of a high end or luxury kitchen is that the cabinets will be tailored specifically for your kitchen in a material of your choice, and you will have a fairly free rein on your choice of worktops, appliances and door furniture.

With bespoke or custom kitchen cabinetry, each piece is made to an exact size for your kitchen, so you can have oversized pan drawers if you wish, a huge island or a floor to ceiling pantry. Luxury cabinet design gives you the freedom to choose exactly how your kitchen will look.

Cabinets ordered from a high street or online retailer will still be fitted to your kitchen, but they are made up of pre-designed cabinets in set sizes, which are arranged to fit your kitchen. It is not normally possible to have anything made specially or in an unusual size. The kitchen design will also be made up from a palette of set materials and colours. Door furniture, worktops and appliances are again normally chosen from a menu of options and colours.

This is difficult to answer as it will heavily depend on the size of the kitchen and how much cabinetry is required, the style and number of appliances chosen and the cost of the worktops and other accessories. As a rough guide, most of the well known high end kitchen companies will charge a minimum of £35k for the cabinetry excluding VAT and appliances.

The choice of cabinetry style and material is paramount when selecting a new kitchen as this will set the tone for the whole design. When choosing the cabinetry it is best to consider the worktops and flooring at the same time so that a complete design plan can be achieved.

Kitchen Cabinets

Luxury kitchen cabinets are made to last a long time so it’s best to avoid selecting a design or material which is very fashionable as it could date quickly.

Solid wood and painted wood kitchens offer luxury cabinet materials which are timeless and can be updated quite easily in years to come.

High gloss and good quality laminated cabinets are popular for contemporary designs, they are easy to maintain and provide a sleek look for modern kitchens.

Stainless steel which is liked by chefs for its hygienic properties is very durable, it will scratch and wear into a soft patina over time that is easy to maintain.

Glazed cabinets are a popular choice for wall cupboards, their light reflecting properties can lighten a darker scheme and they are an elegant choice for displaying crockery and glassware.


There are a multitude of different types of worktop available today to enhance high-end cabinetry, which is very exciting, Natural materials such as granite and marble are beautiful and hardwearing, with a unique grain which means that each one is individual. Solid wood also provides a lovely texture and adds warmth to your design but it does need maintenance to keep it looking beautiful.

The ranges of man-made and laminate worktops is improving all of the time, these are durable and easy to maintain and come in a large range of colour, texture and pattern options. For a more industrial vibe consider concrete or stainless steel, both are extremely durable and will wear to a lovely soft patina over time.


If you are planning a new kitchen floor then consider this as part of the overall kitchen design. Remembering that if you want to include plumbing or electrics to a new kitchen island then the floor will need to be lifted to accommodate this.

The choice of flooring can make the entire space feel luxurious. Kitchens are high traffic areas, so for longevity opt for a natural stone or high quality wood laminate which are very hardwearing and easy to maintain.

Add underfloor heating to keep you cosy in colder months. For a high-quality appearance, choose neutral colours and a subtle pattern to create a beautiful backdrop to your luxury cabinet materials.

How do I Choose which Style is Best for a Luxury Kitchen?

The style of a new kitchen will be largely dictated by the period and architecture of your home and personal taste. A mix of traditional and contemporary can work very well together for most properties but for luxury kitchen design ideas, longevity and overall appearance are often the key considerations.

Traditional Styles

When we think about more traditional styles, classic natural wood and painted wood kitchens will normally spring to mind. Solid wood kitchens actually suit both traditional and contemporary cabinet design schemes depending on how they are styled, e.g. which appliances are chosen, worktops and cabinet features.

For a more traditional style, an AGA is a fabulous investment and you can now have the beauty and aesthetics of a conventional AGA with the latest tech including touch screen controls, induction hob and the ability to turn it on and off at will.

In terms of worktops and flooring, a more traditional kitchen can still be extremely luxurious, consider natural stone flooring such as limestone which is naturally non-slip and is available in soft neutral shades with unique veining and pattern. For worktops marble, granite and wood are the natural choice. Team with complementary up-stands and an antique mirrored splash-back for a touch of glamour.

Contemporary Styles

High gloss kitchens and laminated wood are having a moment. They offer a huge variance in terms of colour and finish including gloss, matt, wood and concrete effect cabinetry.

Custom made cabinetry offers a strong and long-lasting finish which is easy to clean. Opt for a handleless door with a soft close feature for a sleek contemporary finish.

Pair contemporary cabinets with natural stone or porcelain floor tiles and choose from the huge array of man-made and composite worktops such as Corian, Quartz and Ceramic Laminates.

What Style will Last the Longest?

There is no doubt that a solid wood kitchen will last the longest, the classic style is timeless and as fashions and tastes change, a natural wood or painted wood kitchen can easily be updated with different cabinetry furniture a change of colour or even a change of worktop, all of which are considerably cheaper and more sustainable than replacing a dated kitchen.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a new kitchen design and which kitchen designer to work with, from the quality of the cabinetry itself through to the installation process, and the overall appearance.


How long is a piece of string? A budget is a useful starting point and for some will be an inflexible part of the process.

However, where possible keep an open mind on the budget, a new luxury kitchen is an investment to enjoy whilst living in the property and will add value to your home if you decide to sell.

So don’t scrimp on the main elements such as the cabinetry, worktops and appliances as these are what will make your kitchen unique and desirable.


The quality of the kitchen cabinetry is extremely important. Good looking but also well made doors will last a long time. They should glide open and shut with durable fixtures and high quality handles.

A high-end kitchen designer will individually design the interior of each of your cupboards too, providing exactly the right amount of storage space, considering the type of cookware you have as well as your requirements for crockery, glassware and smaller appliances.

Functionality & Design

A luxury custom made kitchen should make your life a lot easier. The functionality and design is a key component of this. If you like a well ordered and minimalist kitchen, then opt for a larder cupboard to keep all of your groceries neatly in one place. A breakfast cupboard with bi-fold doors not only looks good but can hide away crockery and smaller appliances such as a toaster, coffee maker and kettle in a space which is easily accessible when required.

If space is at a premium then choose floor to ceiling cabinets to maximise the space and in expansive kitchens, consider creating a walk-in pantry which is a fabulous way of keeping groceries, crockery and smaller appliances all in one handy space. You may also want to include an additional sink, dishwasher or drinks fridge there too, especially if you entertain frequently.


How your new kitchen looks is obviously extremely important and for visitors it will be the first thing that they comment on. Whatever your style, create a homogenous design which includes the cabinetry, worktops, appliances, flooring and soft furnishings. Mood boards are a great way of trying out different colour and material combinations before you commit.

Customer Service

Choosing a new kitchen is a very personal journey and is one that you may only take a few times in your life. So it’s important that you choose a company you can trust and with whom you get along. Always look at customer reviews and if possible visit a kitchen that has been recently completed so that you can talk to the homeowner about their experience.


Good quality installation is a key consideration when choosing a kitchen retailer.

Ensure that you ask lots of questions about the installation process, how long it will take, how many people will be in your house, what access they may require and how they will handle any problems which arise during the installation (there are nearly always a few issues).

The installation will need to include plumbing and electrics, but check who is responsible for these as not all retailers will include this as part of their installation so you may need to source this separately.


We live in a world where sustainability is critical. Premium quality, modern kitchen cabinets are made to last a very long time which is an asset in our often ‘throw away’ society. Look at the provenance for the company you have chosen and where possible buy British made.

If you can, choose high quality appliances which also offer good longevity, many such as Wolf, SubZero, Miele and AGA offer energy reducing settings.

Natural stone and solid wood flooring should also last a lifetime if it is looked after properly It can be sealed, or in the case of wood flooring, sanded down to look as good as new without the need to replace.

Where can I find the Best Deals on Luxury Kitchen Cabinets?

The best deal may not be based on price. There are many other factors which play a part when choosing a company to work with such as the quality, selection of materials, colours and styles, good quality design drawings and the ethics and reputation of the company.

Bespoke Kitchen Companies

Bespoke or custom made kitchens are normally at the higher end of the scale. If you can afford a luxury bespoke kitchen then choosing the best company to work with will often come down to the quality of the design, the quality and craftsmanship of the cabinetry and the installation and detailed finish.

High Street Kitchen Showrooms

The High Street is full of kitchen retailers vying for your attention, but don’t base your selection purely on price. Narrow down your selection and look at what each can offer you in terms of quality, cabinetry styles and installation.

Custom Made Joiners

If you can’t afford a high-end kitchen retailer but still want a bespoke look, then a good quality joiner may be the answer. Look carefully at reviews before selecting and ensure the company has adequate insurance in place in case something goes wrong.

Online Retailers

Online kitchen retailers often offer the best deals in terms of budget, but beware of ordering a kitchen that you have never seen.

Are Luxury Kitchen Cabinets worth it?

Good quality kitchen cabinetry, especially those that are handmade by skilled craftsman will always be a good investment. A good kitchen design which has been tailored to your house, your entertaining habits and storage requirements creates a well ordered and restful home which is always worthwhile!