Bar Stool Guide

When the final stages of the installation process approach ones mind starts to consider the other finishing touches to the kitchen such as soft furnishings, feature lights and what makes the best back splash. Another common question we’re asked is what we recommend for bar stools that work well with a new Lewis Alderson kitchen.

My first piece of advice is that bar stools look best in multiples, you can’t just have one as they look so solitary. There’s a sculptural quality to the backs of the stools when aligned at the Island. You’ll be looking at the back more than anything else, so make sure you’re happy with every angle, specifically that one, before you buy.

It is also important to think about the amount of time you’ll actually be sitting on one. If you’re just going to use them for having a quick coffee and not lounging for hours, then wood or metal seats are perfectly fine. But if the stools are meant for dining over longer periods or in a kitchen where people like to relax, go with a bigger upholstered almost chair like variety. We’re happy to advise where to source the stools featured or other products for different settings, any excuse for us to do a bit more shopping!